Whenever I have been procrastinating, I realised that by making a first move. For example, writing essays, just make write down the first sentences of the paragraphs makes me somewhere done.

I don’t remember if there was something like this in Hong Kong. But it looks nice when I first saw this at Granville today.



Sometimes I felt lonely, don’t know who can I talk with.

My 7th year volunteering in the Easter Show and my first time as a team leader. A lot of my colleagues asked me how I find as a team leader. As an introvert, I am unable to express my joy and tiredness helping the show.

It’s a mixed feeling. It’s my first year on leading teams to bring smiles to patrons. So I a lot of times I was finding my way to make sure people have their smiles on. Once I have achieved something, I have some satisfaction, and I need to find smiles for everyone again.

But thinking back, the countless learning process marks the first step for me to be a leader.

10 years ago, my mum, Martin and I bought a one way ticket to Australia. I mean it’s a cheaper on to fly on that day. That’s how Valentines Day mean to me.

玩水底欖球之後,有時見到自己身上有瘀痕 會覺得係一種幸福。

I found that by doing textbook exercises do guide me on studying Physics. Of course, they are better when a solution is present, even I peeked at them but I often interpret them in my words and put it in the notes.

After my hectic studies and work this year I am now just travelling anywhere that has trains.