Being at home these days, I got to join one of the Red Cross Emergency team training. The one today is about disaster recovery but more importantly about self care.

During these days where we are not suffered by disasters, but the long time staying in the house is a trigger for lonely and burnout. I have revised a lot of techniques to practice self-case. One of them, is to monitor your workload and plan regular breaks before you burnout.

I am very bad at checking my gmail these days.

I have 2 “Defining Physics” draft on my hand and I have trouble to finish them. Sometimes, I am struggled between explaining the concepts and writing to audiences that may understand.

I know scientists usually press their “Run” buttons and get out for lunch and hope everything works. Now my simulation script is taking me a day to finish.

And this is not even 10%.

When we had SARS pandemic back in the days, there’s no classes. Nowadays, classes as usual.

That’s what technology brings us.

Now I am out for gym for 6 months, what can I do…

Every year I follow the Google Santa tracker and see when Santa is coming to Hurstville. I don’t see this this year?

I am planning to put my new homepage very soon, hopefully start of 2020.

Recently got so addicted to watching Minecraft videos. I watch 阿神 video every night and also 巧克力 and 熊貓團團 like habit.

Auto Draft

Last night I tried a bubble wrapping. For the every pop sound I made, my heart got relived.