As a uni student, you don’t really remember if today is Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Everyday is the same.

Just finished writing first 2 questions of Project Euler in Java.

Will publish the solutions here later, need to explain what the code is about. That is the hard part.


同同學講完心聲(其實大家都有D虛脫),同埋睇緊巧克團我好似有番D energy。

Recently I have to organise 4 Toastmasters contests, and they are conducted online. Sometimes they are tiring to organise and I just wanted a sleep now.

I am still keeping on updating my notes, just too lazy to upload them. From now on there’s shouldn’t be a password protecting it…

Next week is semester. New chapters coming in.

It’s semester break again, this time I have 2 months off. I have been busy on studying, but feels like I should have more time on break instead.

At the moment I am finishing the Python data analytics course writeup from last year. It is something I look forward to finish them.


Should be finished before semester starts. The other project is to finish my CSYS5050 project. I am planning to extend that to sociophsyics domain.

Also, I have not forgotten finishing writing my physics notes slash textbook. But too lazy to upload them,

Being at home these days, I got to join one of the Red Cross Emergency team training. The one today is about disaster recovery but more importantly about self care.

During these days where we are not suffered by disasters, but the long time staying in the house is a trigger for lonely and burnout. I have revised a lot of techniques to practice self-case. One of them, is to monitor your workload and plan regular breaks before you burnout.

I am very bad at checking my gmail these days.

I have 2 “Defining Physics” draft on my hand and I have trouble to finish them. Sometimes, I am struggled between explaining the concepts and writing to audiences that may understand.