Recently got into Minecraft and wanted to post my screenshots here.

Although I don’t understand what decreasing orbital period in relation to making an asteroid heading farther, but sounds like the DART experiment is a success!



Running out of blog ideas. Since lockdown has ended maybe photos will help me fill in the ideas.

I think one thing made me relived is I coded a new functionality for my COVID-19 project and now started working.

Since my new job I have started to pick all the stuffs that that is from undergrad… Like UML diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams and all these project management docs.

Glad that I haven’t forget all of them.

Had some ideas to continue my Python statistics tutorial with adding the two datasets:

  • A hypothetical bank loan data for logistic regression
  • A hypothetical survey data that mimics the Kaggle survey.

Added them on the GitLab and will add the tutorial instructions soon… If not this weekend.

WordPress is asking me to upgrade my PHP version. Just wondering if that will break my blog…

Realised I’ve left this place for so long…

Originally I thought I wouldn’t come back to this place. But after getting a job in tech field. I realised that I could make this as my portfolio.