SHY.John Place


同同學講完心聲(其實大家都有D虛脫),同埋睇緊巧克團我好似有番D energy。

A small ferry ticket held between two fingers.
I took this photo before the conductor took it away. It is to check if you have bought your ticket.

Recently I have to organise 4 Toastmasters contests, and they are conducted online. Sometimes they are tiring to organise and I just wanted a sleep now.

I am still keeping on updating my notes, just too lazy to upload them. From now on there’s shouldn’t be a password protecting it…

Next week is semester. New chapters coming in.

半衰期 (Half life)


It’s semester break again, this time I have 2 months off. I have been busy on studying, but feels like I should have more time on break instead.

At the moment I am finishing the Python data analytics course writeup from last year. It is something I look forward to finish them.


Should be finished before semester starts. The other project is to finish my CSYS5050 project. I am planning to extend that to sociophsyics domain.

Also, I have not forgotten finishing writing my physics notes slash textbook. But too lazy to upload them,