Data Analytics Course Creation Update

Data Analytics Course Creation Update

Recently been back to look at my side projects and I realised that one of them is the Python Data Analytics course. It is planned to be a 12 week course in Jupyter notebooks. Right now I have only week 8 (more than half done) and 9 and week 10.

I am a bit bit stuck (and also tired on making some many contents on statistics while losing focus on wondering is someone has done it before) on week 8 contents and wanted to make a pause. Meanwhile, I realised that there are something I can write for machine learning models. There is a document from my previous student that she wanted me to teach her, and I did have plans to put them at the end of the Jupyter notebook. I am trying to work on them this weekend.

Hopefully I can finish week 8 (Statistics) by September and the applications of machine learning by this weekend.


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